2014 Logging Jamboree

19th Annual Event

Event Detail

The 19th Annual Logging Jamboree was a huge success, thanks mostly to the extensive planning, preparation, and hard work of the “staff”. Among things contributing to the success were: Great weather, getting lots of publicity out to the public thanks to the media, most astounding of which was the visit by Fox40 the morning before the event. However gaudy that was, we also owe a big thanks to the local papers, local on-line news, our Facebook page, and more. The support of Sierra Pacific Industries and the incredible amount of planning and preparation by SPI’s employee and our favorite son, Steve Kafka. I say favorite son because his mother, Ginny, was the overall chairman and worked so hard and so many hours that in a sense the Jamboree was at least-in-part a family affair. The Moose served great food, the wineries gave us wonderful wines, the Snowshoe beer was particularly good, the folks visiting the museum were so interested and courteous. USFS was more active than they’ve ever been, much more than just Smokey. Local businesses that donated prizes for the raffle were very generous and we appreciate their willingness to help out.

The photographs that follow were taken by Angela Baldwin who had friends and relatives competing in the events. Interesting side note, her husband Russell is the grandson of Al Copeland the owner of the 1945 logging truck that we were given by the family. Al’s design and building of the self-loading log trailer is well documented elsewhere on this site.

We certainly appreciate Angela sharing her photos with us, but Angela was most interested in her family and friends, so we’d love to have more photos showing more of who was there and what was happening.