2016 Logging Jamboree

21st Annual Event

Event Detail

The 21st Annual Logging Jamboree was a huge success, thanks mostly to the extensive planning, preparation, and hard work of the “staff”. Among things contributing to the success were: Great weather, getting lots of publicity out to the public thanks to the media, most astounding of which was the visit by Fox40 the morning before the event. However gaudy that was, we also owe a big thanks to the local papers, local on-line news, our Facebook page, and more.

The photographs that follow were taken by Cindy Micheli.

Photos by Cindy Micheli

_mic2608Competition director Steve Kafka  on the left. George Harrison Sr., overall competition winner holding his trophy axe,

_mic2594Bucking a log for best time

_mic2530Makes the photo editor shudder just thinking about what damage this could do to a foot. It is, however, the event I’m most impressed with.


_mic2530_mic2462Sawdust man, or woman, or _mic2498_mic2388_mic2379_mic2364Choker setting competition

_mic2352Great to see an enthusiastic audience. That’s the reason we put on the Jamboree

_mic2343Michelle Kafka, competitor and keeper of data_mic2333_mic2310Choker setting competition, see the choker in his hand_mic2273Wonderful follow-through. Don’t know if it paid off.

_mic2239One handed throw, does that work?

_mic2205Cindy, our photographer, saw the opportunity for this great portrait shot. Nice job, Cindy_mic2201_mic2200_mic2202_mic2196_mic2183_mic2181Great job by Cindy catching George Harrison in this reflective mood_mic2179_mic2167Our Richard Small helping out. I was going to ask him to identify some of the participants in these photos, but he’s best at remembering historical people, not present day ones.Richard did a lot of the hard work getting ready for the Jamboree._mic2114Jack and Jill log bucking competition

_mic2100_mic2071George Harrison getting some encouragement from his wife and competitor, Tina_mic1997_mic1954_mic1941_mic1913_mic1796_mic1763The cubbies putting on our opening ceremony_mic1760_mic1751_mic1749_mic1747_mic1741Arnold Rim Trail promotion lolks_mic1737Prizes for the silent auction. I really wanted the broad axe in the foreground but somebody made a very generous bid on it. Fishing kit was donated by Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods_mic1736

_mic1735Kayak donated by SNAC  Attracted a lot of interest and made us a lot of money_mic1733_mic1726_mic1702_mic1677_mic1675_mic1671_mic1567_mic1541Now that’s a good dad or grandpa. He may go deaf, but the little fellow isn’t._mic1536_mic1528_mic1524_mic1510_mic1499_mic1489_mic1481_mic1474_mic1467_mic1456The axe in the beer can. That’s what it’s all about_mic1445_mic1433_mic1428_mic1404

_mic1398_mic1375_mic2319_mic1370I obviously didn’t know the names of a lot of people in these photos, but I’d be happy to add them if you send me their names to snlm@goldrush.com