YCLO Shay No. 4 Painting


Long time museum supporter and prime mover in getting our Shay Locomotive to the museum, Patrick Karnahan is now having his train paintings seen on a daily basis by perhaps a half million calendar readers. Orchard Supply Hardware, OSH, selected Patrick’s paintings for each month of their 2008 calendar.



The museum has a quantity of very high quality prints of Patrick’s train paintings. They are available now on special sale for $40 and we are ready to mail them to buyers. All proceeds go toward the restoration of our Shay Locomotive.

This is a sample of one of his paintings: Patrick’s Winter Portrait of YLCo Shay No.4 bringing in the last load of the season.

Patrick also has a Summer Portrait of the Shay at work. In addition to these two Shay prints, we have a number of other prints of his that sell normally for $40. They include a magnificent print of a Borate Bomber making a drop on a fire. That print is this editor’s favorite. We are splitting the proceeds from these prints with Patrick.


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