FLM Board Meeting Minutes 5/26/2015


Minutes of the 5/26/15 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1:03 p.m. by President Ginny Kafka.

Present: Ginny Kafka, Pat Bradley, John Hofstetter, Donna Hanan, Jaci Payton, Bob Ash, Carol Aquilina, Sue Harmuth, John White, Bill Nelson, Sharon Ash, Ted Carpenter and visitor Debbie Gossner

Correspondence: Pat Bradley shared a thank you note from the Calaveras County Fair Board thanking us for our participation in the Frog Jump.

Approval of Minutes: It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Bob Ash to approve the minutes of the 4/28/15 board meeting as presented. The motion carried.

Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was presented by John White. John reported that the two Johns have access to “read only” internet banking. It was moved by Bill Nelson, seconded by Bob Ash to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented. The motion carried. John has looked into AT&T service but found that they can’t beat our current service. He will look into it again at a later date.

White Pines Park Liaison Report: Ginny Kafka reported that she and John White went before the Board of Supervisors regarding the stage at White Pines Park. The plan was approved by the Board and all fees were waived.

Exhibit Report: A TV is needed for the new exhibit. It needs to be accessible to all docents and any sound issues will have to be addressed.

As I’m reading the minutes a follow-up piece of news. Mike says that he never intended for there to be sound from that display, so we’re good on that matter. John H

USFS Report: None


Status of the Shay: There was an incident with kids climbing into the Shay. The cover needs to be    bolted onto the opening in the floor of the Shay to eliminate further incidents.

Scrap Metal Removal: Ron Glass will remove the scrap metal from the old sawmill along with some other debris.

Lawsuit:  The pending lawsuit is ongoing with John Hofstetter , Ginny Kafka, Bob Ash, Ron Glass, and Patrick Karnahan now all having been deposed. The date of a potential jury trial is July 8 – July 15.

New Exhibit: See above report.

Logging Jamboree: It was reported that road closures, insurance, and banners have all been taken care of. Pat Bradley will write the letter to CCWD. Ted Carpenter will purchase polish dogs, buns, and chicken from Costco. We will purchase hamburger, sodas, paper products, condiments, chips, and charcoal from Big Trees Market. We will get the snow cone machine from the Moose Lodge. Bob Ash will purchase the snow cone syrup. The barbeque grill will come from Arnold Rental at no charge.

Credit Card Sales: Thanks to John Hofstetter and John White we now have the capability to conduct credit card sales. John demonstrated how the system works. That’s a very generous version of how the demo went. John It was suggested to include sales tax in the price of the item.

Grounds Clean-Up: Weed eating and spraying has been done. The bleachers have been power washed and sealed.

Snag Fallers’ Ball: It was suggested that we do more extensive advertising this year for the Snag Fallers’ Ball. It was stated that the Enterprise and the Union Democrat already do a pretty thorough coverage of the history of this event. It could also be included in the Lode Star and Friends and Neighbors as well as some coverage on local radio. Ginny Kafka suggested that we serve appetizers, lasagna, green salad, and garlic bread.

Country Store:  Bob Ash reported that pens, railroad cards, and other items have been ordered for the Country Store. It was decided to order orange shirts for this year’s Jamboree.

Arnold Arts and Adventure Expo 2015 – Small postcard size flyers with information regarding the Logging Jamboree and The Snag Fallers’ Ball will be ordered from Foothill Press by John Hofstetter. These will be available to hand out in the FLM booth at the Arnold Arts and Adventure Expo 2015 on June 20.

Display Signs for Acetylene Generator – The location of the outside signs for the acetylene generator will be determined by Ted Shannon and Mike Skenfield.


Window Washing: Bob and Sharon Ash have generously volunteered to donate the cost of $400 to have the Museum windows washed inside and out by Aaron Window Cleaning. This will be done early in the week of June 20th.

Website Changes: John Hofstetter displayed the new website and some of the changes that have been made by Nhu Bergstrom. He pointed out that the old website is still accessible through a link on the new website. Both web sites have identical information, but the presentation is different, with Nhu’s being much classier.

Family Day at Big Trees State Park: Sue Harmuth has volunteered to be in charge of the FLM booth at the Big Trees State Park Family Day on August 15.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting: Bob Ash will be in charge of the June meeting in Ginny’s absence. Call him with agenda items.

Adjournment: Ginny adjourned the meeting at 2:28 p.m.

Next Meeting: 6/30/15

Jaci Payton, Secretary


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